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Rotating Sucker Rod Guide

The main difference between rotating sucker rod guide and non-rotating sucker rod guide is that the polymeric piece molded on carbon or alloy steel of rotating sucker rod centralizer can rotate freely. This makes rotating rod guide more flexible when it works.

As it is rotatable, rotating sucker rod guide can be used to connect the sucker rod string of progressing cavity pump.

Despite the advantages of non-rotating sucker rod centralizer, rotating rod can be used on progressing cavity pump because the guide on the metal body is rotatable.

Specification (in) Outside Diameter of Guide (mm)
5/8 Rod / 2-3/8 Tubing 46
5/8 Rod / 2-7/8 Tubing 58
3/4 Rod / 2-7/8 Tubing 58
7/8 Rod / 2-7/8 Tubing 58
1 Rod / 3-1/2 Tubing 72