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Steel Polished Rod

Ensure an efficient hydraulic seal throughout the life cycle with our array of polished rods. Standard piston steel and hard-surface spraymetal polished rods are available in lengths up to 40 ft. Manufactured to stringent API specifications, these polished rods give you the confidence that once you close the well in after running the pump, sucker rods, and polished rods, there will be no issues at the top of the string where loadings are the highest and fluid containment is a necessity.

Ordinary sizes and mechanical properties of steel polished rod:

External diameter
Pin thread nominal value (mm)
Matched sucker rod (mm)
Mechanical properties
Coating properties
Surface roughness
1 1/8(28.6)
1 1/16(27)PR
1.carbon steel:620MPa≤
tensile strength≤827MPa
2.alloy steel:655MPa≤
tensile strength≤1100MPa
coating hardness ≥480HV200
coating thickness 0.254~0.508mm
1.conventional polished rod≤0.4μm
2.sprayed polished rod≤0.8μm
1 1/4(31.8)
1 3/16(30.2)PR
1 1/2(38.1)
1 3/8(34.9)PR