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Stabilizer Bar

Stabilizer Bar (Grade K, D, D Special, KD)

Stabilizer bar, special pony rod with rod guides, normally used above the pump or between sinker bars.

Stabilizer bar is a kind of pony rod with centralizers. We are capable of manufacturing all grades of stabilizer bars specified in API Specification 11B, including Grade K stabilizer bar, Grade D stabilizer bar, D special and Grade KD stabilizer bar. The wear-resistant centralizer can assist the operation of API stabilizer bar on sucker rod string.

Stabilizer bar has the same grades as sucker rod.

When choosing stabilizer bars, you must know whether the bar will be connected with sinker bar or pump. This will help to determine the connection way of two ends.

Specification of Stabilizer Bar
Rod Size Material Guide Recommendation (Molded) Guide Size (in)
3/4" Pin
AISI series alloy steel Max. 3 columnar rod guides available 2"-2-1/2"
3/4" Pin
Max. 3 columnar rod guides available 2-1/2"-3"
7/8" Pin
Max. 3 columnar rod guides available 2-1/2"-3"
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