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Specil Sucker Rod Pumps

Special sucker rod pumps can be applied for exploiting various types of wells effectively, such as wells with sand, gas, and high viscosity oil, slant wells, slicing wells, tubingless wells and so on. They have been used in many oilfields and received good use effects.

We can design and manufacture all kinds of special type pumps and parts according to the field situations and the customer’s requirements. Including:

1.Length of electroplating pump barrel can be up to 9m and other parts included rods and tubes can be up to 10m by using performance of closed loop barrel plating and horizontal deep hole honing, which is accorded with the environmental protection;
2.All kinds of plunger made of stainless steel, electroplating or Ni-P-spray-welding processes;
3.All series of valve balls and seats made of stainless steel, ceramic, carbide and so on.
  • Subsurface Sucker Rod Pumps
  • Subsurface Sucker Rod Pumps
    Manufactured strictly to API Spec 11AX, Liande tubing and rod pumps are well suited for a wide range of pumping applications. Each pump is machined with an extra small clearance between the plunger and the barrel to provide maximum performance and a long service life....
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